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It’s the weekend. Why not?

Because I can | venomxblast


He only pulled her closer to him, planting a soft kiss on her cheek. “Nah-uh, you’re not wriggling away from me.” And now he had to think of words. Fun. He was an airhead bloke and words weren’t his speciality. “And don’t you dare think you’re weak.” He kept his voice low and calm, trying to comfort her. “I’ve seen you when you’re pissed off, nothing gets in your way.” 

Aaaand you fucked up, he mentally scolded himself, slightly embarrassed at how he’d done so well then kinda goofed.

She struggled for a moment, but experience had taught her resistance was useless when it came to Screech, and the fight, half-hearted to begin with, was over quickly, and she let herself sink back into his chest. A flicker of a smile pulled at her lips at the kiss, and her fingers linked in with his subconsciously. She sighed at his words- she should have known he’d know exactly what she was thinking.

She considered being pissed off for a moment, but decided against it- she knew what he was trying to say, and in any case she just didn’t have the energy. Her thumb brushed across his knuckles lightly, an automatic gesture that she barely even noticed. “Say it all ya want, won’t make me think any different,” she muttered.

Because I can | venomxblast


Okay, so maybe he wasn’t always the best at showing emotion, he was violent and a show off at best. But Screech honestly cared for Venom. It just happened to be a real crappy lifestyle choice to be in the Zones. How could he treat her to anything? He couldn’t go out and show her the stars, that was too cliche. A romantic dinner, watching a film together… there were no original ideas anymore. So Screech just decided on the most simple thing to show his affection.

He waited until the coast was clear, before he silently made his way to Venom’s bed, assuming she was asleep down to the lack of light in the room. Ah well, he thought to himself, I’ll still surprise her. Screech snuck around to the other side and crawled into the bed, draping an arm over her body as he made sure to get nice and close to her.

Venom hated feeling like this. Weak. Helpless. They were right, she was fucking pathetic and if anything were to happen to her friends it would be her fault, she’d be powerless to help them and she’d watch them die knowing she was helpless to do anything. She tried keeping strong, keeping her brave face up, but eventually she retreated into her room, tucked herself away where she couldn’t get in the way. Pathetic. Just like they said. Just like hesaid.

Curled up in bed, she was just drifting off when she felt the bed shift behind her, jumping in apprehension untill she recognised Screech’s arms, his smell and his breath. She curled up even smaller, almost trying to escape his touch. Someone like him deserved better than her. Weak. Useless.

Here little greyface bastard…



I’m gonna teach you a lesson about scaring my Chica.

Leave it, Screech… I just don’t wana be thinkin’ about it right now, yeah? Just… c’mere and get yer arms around me.

This is an open broadcast to anyone who can answer. If anyone knows the location of Lipgloss Lies, Fire Screech or Party Poison, tell them I want- - tell them I need them to buzz me up.


Oh; another idea. Why you are so very helpful. I might keep you for a pet once I'm done. Maybe I could stitch your mouth shut so that you can't tell them they'll be fine while they're suffering? Oh, I can't wait... I'm coming for you Venom. I'm right behind you...

Fuck off and leave us all alone.

If you ever come near us you’re going to die, ya hear me? I’ll kill you myself if you touch any of us.

Oooh... Carving hearts out.. Thanks for the idea. I'll do that to one of your friends. Have them screaming as they watch me do it. Aww, don't want me touching your stupid little friends? Well I won't touch the pathetic archer. She can be my dog's lunch. Y'see; my dog gets very hungry. He'll be eating what's left of your friends, whether they're dead or alive. And there's nothing you can do about it. I'm coming for you last.


You're not strong. You're pathetic. Weak. Nothing but a waste of space. I think I'll start with that pretty boyfriend of yours. I'll have him screaming while I pull his body inside out. Then that redhead foul-mouthed moron can be my new scarf. Oh, I can't wait to paint my canvas with the blood of your friends.

You touch Screech or boss-man or Glossie or any single one of my friends and I will hunt you down and carve out yer fuckin’ heart, if you’ve even got one. Grey face or not, I’ll find you and I’ll end you.

don’t touch him don’t go near her leave them alone i can’t do it by myself i can’t stay strong just leave us alone….

Oi, bitches.





Get up and smile. I found chocolate and vodka. 

Aaaaah, y’know how to make a broken girl smile, cariño. 

Oh Chica, you know I can’t let my little firecracker stay broken for long.

This is where I make some lovey-dovey wisecrack about you fixin’ me inside and out, i’nt it?